F8Coin_ Global Digital Currency Asset Trading Platform
币有盾 盗无门
F8Coin Advantages
F8coin trading system possess Financial-market-level speed and stability, guaranteed the efficient transactions. F8 provides professional quantitative backup for traders.
Openness and Transparency
F8coin establishing the real-time asset and transaction data query&verification mechanism and open all the cold wallet addresses for everyone to verify the signature and view the balance, and accept the supervision of the people around the world.
For digital asset trading, security is a top priority. F8Coin possesses a multidimensional safety system, and provides hierarchical protection. Store 100% digital assets in a cold wallet,strictly protects the safety of users funds.
Professional Team
Technical team members have an average working life of more than 6 years, who come from the worlds top financial institutions and technology companies, have experience in both digital currency issuance and digital currency economy..
Ecological Layout
Focus on the underlying technology of blockchain, promote the technical performance of the bottom layer of blockchain, accelerate the efficient implementation of blockchain technology, and use blockchain technology to serve the real economy and promote the development of the industry.